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Your marketing plan fills the funnel. enroll ml daily AI-guided navigation helps your enrollment team make the most of it.

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“Enroll ml was the foundation that guided our team to beat our enrollment objectives for the first time in 3 years”

Director of Recruiting

“In 15 years I've never seen a tool that could identify enrollment drift - until now.”

Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions

“Enroll ml seemed too good to be true - but it was everything that they said, and more.”

Vice President for Enrollment Management

“Enroll ml was so impactful so quickly for our adult / online population that we immediately deployed a 2nd engine for our traditional undergrad”

Vice President, Admissions

“I asked my Director if we really needed to renew enroll ml, and his response was “Are you kidding me?! ”

Vice President of Marketing and Admissions

“I kept my eye on enroll ml for over a year - and when I moved into my new position and began an enrollment team transformation, I brought enroll ml right in”

Vice President Admissions

“On day 3 of using enroll ml it identified 3 highly engaged students who were completely off of our radar - and we promptly reached out to them and enrolled all three.”

Director of Recruiting

“Within 3 weeks of using enroll ml, the admissions team’s morale rose to the highest I’ve ever seen it”

Director of Recruiting

“Enroll ml saves me an immense amount of time - and directs the team’s focus with more precision than I ever could have with the contemporary tools and techniques”

Vice President of Admissions

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enroll ml is your AI platform to modernize, optimize, and sustain team alignment, precision, speed, and resource allocation to improve enrollment, reduce melt, and reduce counselor turnover.

We snap quickly and simply into your CRM and use customized AI to pinpoint dynamic behavioral patterns that indicate enrollment opportunities and risks, and translate these findings into straightforward daily counselor guidance.  And this happens every single day.

How it works


The beginning

enroll ml takes predictive lead scoring to the next level to improve enrollment team performance. We review your CRM engagement data using custom AI to pinpoint real-time combinations of behavioral signals that indicate the most promising enrollment opportunities for each student.



At night, we crunch the data, analyzing thousands of data elements to determine how prospective students are self-organizing based on their interest and intent levels.



By morning, enroll ml has analyzed, organized, and prioritized your entire funnel down to the  counselor level - providing each individual counselor with their own personalized funnel dashboard to prioritize, guide and direct their daily outreach.

How enroll ml makes your admissions teams more precise, efficient, effective, and confident

Admissions Leaders

Admissions Counselors


Within 3 weeks of launch, our admissions team’s morale rapidly rose to the highest that I have seen in my time at Columbia College Missouri.

Elizabeth Kirby, Senior Director of Recruitment, Columbia College

100% unique to your institution

Enrollment markers are 100% unique to your institution

Your data only

enroll ml uses no additional outside data sources

Runs every night

and delivers an updated and organized view of your funnel every day

Ready to go in just seven weeks

With under 10 total hours of institution time

Lots of data. One clear picture.

enroll ml turns information into enrollment using powerful AI data keyed to student signals.

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