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The enroll ml origin story

Today's enrollment teams are swimming in a sea of morale-sapping and yield-killing data overload.

For years I worked with senior admissions leaders who struggled every day to make their admissions team's daily efforts more effective and impactful.

We utilized every tool: lists and campaigns, rich profiles and advanced segmentation, automated CRM queries, candidate scoring, custom excel models, "predictive analytics"...the works.

And while they all helped, none created the "breakthrough moment" that I knew was possible.

With enroll ml, we found that moment via machine learning, behavioral pattern recognition and gamification that replace the frustrations and imprecision of daily guesswork.

While I believe that enroll ml is the next-gen AI platform that drives a modern enrollment management organization - our customers' success, from the moment that we deploy to our ongoing counselor training and guidance -  leading ultimately to the day of graduation for your students- is our focus and our mission.

We welcome and encourage you to join us, and our rapidly expanding list of partner institutions, on this journey.

Geoff Baird, Founder

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Unlock valuable applicant insights, customized for your institution

Every institution is unique — and so are the critical behavioral patterns of your students during recruitment. enroll ml identifies and gamifies your unique deep applicant behaviors and activity signals, transforming them into a clear and consistent enrollment journey for every applicant, every day... We’ve advanced the ball past segment or profile based predictive analytics to help you understand how your students are re-organizing their college lists every single day.

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Get nightly enrollment insights to react faster and improve results

While segments and profiles help bring in applicants, understanding where your applicants are in real-time guides your team effectively. enroll ml constantly monitors applicant behaviors in real-time, enabling your team to react faster and make more precise decisions, ultimately improving your enrollment results.  With enroll ml your team will spend less time guessing, and your leadership will spend less time trying to untangle the critical question of enrollment management:  what should everyone be doing next?

Put machine-learning precision into your counselor's hands

enroll ml puts the power of AI and machine-learning precision directly into your counselor’s hands every single day. With enroll ml they will spend less time trying to assess best actions and more time directly with the students where they can make a difference.  enroll ml’s admissions counselor work / time studies have found that the average counselor spends 570 hours per year trying to decipher CRM data to find the best fit students. enroll ml replaces lost time and guesswork with the precision of machine-learning guidance.

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Get results fast to boost team morale and ROI

Who would have thought  deploying an AI solution to process the admissions funnel would have such a large impact on team morale? That’s exactly what happened after Columbia College Missouri launched enroll ml.  Now, they have more time for counselors to engage, more time for leaders to drive strategy (vs. sifting through data),  and more positive impacts to team process, focus, and effectiveness within days of launch.  enroll ml may be the fastest ROI in enrollment management.


Fast implementation & expert launch  support

enroll ml supports your team throughout every stage of the enrollment process, no matter the challenge. Our solution can be up and running in just 7 weeks, requiring only 10 hours of your institution's time. Beyond our innovative data engine, our true strength lies in our dedicated customer and enrollment success teams. We not only help you understand the custom enrollment markers and how they function but also provide personalized training for your leaders through one-on-one sessions. Additionally, we guide each of your team members in harnessing the full potential of enroll ml.

Simply put, I’m obsessed with enroll ml. Our team is more efficient, focused and excited to work with our students every day.

Elizabeth Kirby, Senior Director of Recruitment, Columbia College Missouri

How enroll ml makes your admissions teams more precise, efficient, effective, and confident

Admissions Leaders

Admissions Leaders

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Admissions Counselors


I’ve never seen anything like enroll ml before. There is no question that we would not have hit our enrollment and financial objectives without it.
It’s game changing.

President, 500 Student Liberal Arts Institution


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