Change The Job Back

June 20, 2024

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Change The Job Back

Admissions counselors used to love their jobs.

As a retired Dean of Admissions and School Counselor (Perry Robinson) said at the Wisconsin ACAC Conference in 2023, "this used to be a high touch, low tech profession.  Over time, it has evolved to be high tech, low touch."

Indeed it has.

Inded, that's the problem.

We can't get away from the need to be high tech - but we can be smarter than we have been the last ten years.  Let's use technology to enable counselors to do their best work, instead of asking them to do the most draining, uninspiring aspects of their jobs.

(Pivot tables, I'm looking at you)

We can improve staff morale by using technology by changing the job of being an admissions counselor back to what it used to be: working with students.

Here's a short clip from a January, 2023 webinar hosted by enroll ml. The entire conversation is still available here.


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