Respecting Signals, Not Leaving Students Behind

November 22, 2023

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Respecting Signals, Not Leaving Students Behind

In our world, there is constant pressure to enroll top-performing students.  This drive often centers the work of counselors.  While the pursuit of those shining stars or “perfect fit” students is indeed crucial, it is equally important to recognize that every student sends signals of interest, and respecting those cues can have a profound impact on an institution’s enrollment success.

College admissions is replete with challenges.  Admissions leaders often grapple with stringent targets and ever-increasing competition from other institutions.  The quest for high-achieving students can sometimes overshadow the signals sent by applicants.  

Every application, every interaction, and every signal carries valuable information.  For most colleges, they are tracking, at best, four or five variables in their applicant pool.  (Visit, FAFSA, Admit Date, Scholarship Award…)

But there is an astonishing amount of usable data available.  At enroll ml, we not only understand the significance every signal carries, we measure it, and make it usable for admissions counselors.  

Unearthing the true meaning behind these signals involves more than adopting a data-driven mindset.  But it’s necessary to providing a student-centric experience that is inclusive, empathetic, and responsive.  With the aid of AI and data science services, your admissions team can decipher cues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, gaining a comprehensive understanding of each applicant’s unique enrollment journey.

By genuinely respecting these signals, your institution can make every prospective student feel valued, understood, and engaged.

Even if that means you identify students whose signals are telling you they aren’t interested.  By respecting their disinterest, you are serving them well.

Making this shift not only increases the likelihood of enrollment growth but also nurtures a positive reputation that strengthens your recruitment position from year to year.  

Finding the strategies and tools that help you understand and respect signals from all students is a transformative approach that enriches the enrollment experience for applicants, counselors, enrollment leaders, and institutions.  

With this approach, no student is left behind on their journey to higher education.  


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