Software As A Helping Profession

June 13, 2024

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Software As A Helping Profession

Over the past two years, we've all been talking about the staff morale crisis in college admissions. Rather than rehashing the same points we've all heard, I want to share a story about someone truly exceptional: Chase.

Chase is one of the most dedicated and fascinating individuals I've had the pleasure of working with in admissions. Over the years, I hired him for several roles, and each time, he exceeded even my highest expectations. He was the kind of person for whom you create positions.

Naturally, hiring him multiple times means I also lost him a few times. One notable instance was after he helped us implement our CRM, which started from scratch. The experience was so fulfilling for him that he decided to pursue a second bachelor's degree in computer science. His first degree was in education, but after a brief teaching stint, he realized it wasn't his calling.

When asked why he chose such a different academic path, he explained that it wasn't as different as it seemed. He always wanted to be in the helping professions, and implementing the CRM showed him how software could improve people's daily lives. In this case, it automated a lot of manual tasks that were dragging down morale and productivity. He envisioned many other scenarios where software could make life better and decided to pursue computer science to do just that.

This story came to mind when I left campus for the first time in my adult life to work for enroll ml. Yes, we're a data science company with an amazing machine learning engine. Yes, we help colleges identify the best opportunities to increase enrollment. All of that is true, and we can share more about it anytime.

More importantly, at least for me, is that we make the experience of being an admissions counselor better. By directing counselors to students who want or need to hear from them, we enable more productive, positive, and proactive conversations. Our data models handle the rejections, allowing counselors to focus on making a difference in students' lives.

Chase was right, and I see it every day in my role at enroll ml. When done well, software can indeed make people's daily lives better.


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