The Admissions Revolution: It’s Time For A Transformation

December 5, 2023

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The Admissions Revolution: It’s Time For A Transformation

The fast-paced rate of change in higher education the last few years has been dizzying.  

We feel that way, in part, because we operate in an environment where change often happens gradually.  It has been easy for us to become complacent with established practices.

For too long, admissions directors and college presidents alike (and everyone in between!) have been able to deliberate for a long time about whether the tried-and-true methods are still sufficient from one year to the next, with inertia strongly pressing towards: “sure.”

However, the reality is that the world around us has changed at a much quicker pace, and so have the expectations of our students.  To meet these evolving demands, it is essential for institutions to recognize that the traditional approach to admissions is no longer the most effective one.

It may not even turn out to be an effective approach.

It’s time for a transformation.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore why admissions needs a revolution.  At enroll ml, we’ve thought a lot about the need to challenge the status quo and guide your institution through a dynamic, data-driven approach to enrollment management.

The days of manual, time-consuming admissions process are over.  Today’s students expect streamlined, personalized interactions while colleges continue to bloat the applicant pool of each counselor.  If your institution is like most, it needs to not only keep pace, but take the opportunity to lead the way in providing an efficient and truly student-centric experience.

Stay with us throughout this series as we delve into the specific strategies and tools that can help your admissions team achieve this transformation.  It’s not just a change; it’s a revolution that will ensure your institution remains competitive and meets the enrollment challenges facing us in the coming years.

We’ll help you uncover the secrets to success in this era of enrollment management by embracing change and transformation.  This is how you can be poised for a brighter, more successful future.


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